Systems Design

With decades of experience,

our in-house engineers really understand fire systems. They’re well versed in the fire code, and know what equipment will best suit your installation. They carry your project from initial consultation to final drawings, taking into account your specific needs and budget. And they stick with you through fire department inspections and scheduled maintenance.

Our installed fire safety systems provide unparalleled dependability and ease-of-use for building personnel, tenants, and firefighters. They are designed to be simple to handle, and to  provide great value over the life of the system. From our flexible architecture, to its time-and-money-saving installation procedure, large screen with unrivaled safety and maintenance capabilities.

For the greatest possible protection, our fire systems are installed with a full range of proven, high-performance devices and systems including:

  • Network Command and Control (NCC) and Wide Area Network Fire Alarm Systems (NCCWAN)
  • Multiple FireFinder Networking System (compatible with MXL)
  • Voice evacuation systems and notification devices
  • Fire Alarms – Fire Detectors
  • Emergency Generators. rent, repair, design and install
  • Special hazards extinguishing systems
  • Fire extinguishers, hoses
  • Sprinkler systems and pressure relief valves
  • Emergency lighting and exit signs

We install the best equipment and electronics available, from proven vendors like Siemens and Chubb.